Our Partner Farms

It all starts with flowers.

We believe that great cannabis products start with great cannabis flowers. Because we don't use any cannabis extracts or concentrates, it is especially important here at TFC that our farms grow organically, without pesticides, and bio-dynamically outdoors under the beautiful California sunshine. 

We are proud to partner with Women owned and Queer owned farms in Northern California.

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Ventoso Farms

Linnet, the founder of Ventoso Farms, has been growing sungrown & pesticide free cannabis in Mendocino for almost 40 years and was one of the first women-owned farms in the county. Ventoso Farms believes in and enacts a team approach and runs the farm in the same way they grow the plants -- organically, with hard work and joy, as a team. They spend a lot of time with the plants and each other, and they value knowing and attending to the rhythms of everyone's needs. They embrace diverse representation as a core value and believe their team speaks to the diversity of individuals who cultivate, consume, and further elevate cannabis. Follow them: @VentosoFarms

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Tuff N Tendergrass Farms

Tuff N Tender is a queer owned and operated farm in Mendocino County. Their beautiful flowers are sungrown and pesticide free. "I have always run a queer farm because that’s who I am. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to employ so many queer people in my community. When we come together and can be ourselves with one another, we can grow - we can heal and nurture and lift one another up. My farm motto is 'We Take The Bro Outta Grow.'" Follow them: @tuff.n.tendergrass