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We searched everywhere to find the most beautiful, most sustainable, most powerful, organically grown CBD that we could find. Our search ended when we found Mendo Sour Power family farms. Located in beautiful Mendocino county, California, MSP's family legacy spans three generations and counting. The farm’s ecological stewardship is evident in every square inch of their Clean Green Certified Farm.

They say it best: "At heart and in essence we are a family business. And our zero-footprint farming practices are just as important to our legacy as the high quality consciously grown cannabis we farm here.”

We are proud to call Mendo Sour Power Farms part of the Farmaceuticals family! 

"Harnessing the sun and rain, they grow the type of cannabis that comes from decades of experience and a true commitment to clean environmentally conscious cultivation."

What is a Clean Green Certified Farm?

Clean Green Certified is the number one certifier nation-wide for cannabis cultivated using international sustainable and organic practices. Legally, marijuana cannot be called organic — no matter how environmentally friendly the cultivation practices used to grow it — because the term is federally regulated and the USDA does not recognize cannabis as a legitimate agricultural crop. Clean Green Certified was created in 2004 as a way to regulate legal cannabis-products that called themselves "organic." Consumers can rest assured when they buy a Clean Green Certified cannabis product that it has met all of the requirements of the rigorous program.

Modeled on national and international sustainability, organic and biodynamic program standards, the Clean Green program requires on-site inspections and third-party lab testing. Much like third party certifications for traditional agricultural products, the whole life cycle of the plant is considered, from seed selection to harvesting and processing.  In addition, soil, nutrients, pesticide use, mold treatment and dust control are analyzed. Clean Green Certified also goes further than the USDA organic in some areas, requiring every operator to undergo pesticide testing every year, rather than only a small percentage of farms. Additionally, each cannabis operation must put into place a carbon footprint reduction plan, water conservation measures and fair labor practices.

-Clean Green Certified,

With these beautiful flowers, we carefully craft our whole-plant extracted CBD oils and balm. Our unique and all organic whole-plant extraction process not only ensures that the plants are treated with love from seed to bottle, but also that our products contain the full entourage of benefits that the plant offers. To find out more about whole-plant extraction: The Whole-Plant Difference & our products: CBD Oils & balm. 


Best Friends Forevz.

Find out more about the farm:

*These statements have not been reviewed or approved by the FDA. As such, we cannot claim any "healing power" of our products.  



Handcrafted in San Rafael, California

Products can be found throughout California.

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