It's said that once astronauts come back from space, they have a new appreciation for being stewards of the environment and the whole of the planet. Maybe that happens because they get perspective out there - in the vastness of space, they see us all on one planet, together. 

Here at The Farmaceuticals Co., we like to take that wide-angle perspective, too. We want to do everything we can to take care of our  beautiful planet and to honor the plants that are helping us. 

We started our Earth Stewardship Program to put a company focus on making sure our products are as sustainable as possible - not only from seed to shelves,

but for the whole life of the product. It is our priority to take care of our planet by using sustainable energy, natural processing, & local sourcing. And we know that through our all-natural process that captures all of the plants helpful compounds, all of our products are not only good for the earth, they are powerful, too.

Thank you for supporting our vision to be a positive force on this planet.


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Percentage of sustainable energy used to grow our flowers and craft our products.

Sun, Water, & Wind Powered


Our flowers are grown with:

60-80% solar, 10-20% wind, 10% hydro,

& 10% non-renewable

on our grower's certified clean green

three-generation farm.


Our products are crafted with: 

 90% solar & 10% non-renewable 





Chemical Free

Zero Chemicals & Natural Processing 

We use only heat and pressure to make our products with our all natural whole-plant extraction process. We never use chemicals or solvents. Ever.







Local Sourcing

By sourcing as many of our ingredients as possible locally, we not only help to build our local economy, there is also less oil used in transporting the ingredients.


Glass Bottles

Did you notice our products come in glass? That's because we aim to contribute as little as possible to the massive problem of plastic waste. Our bottles and jars can be recycled and re-used.

*These statements have not been reviewed or approved by the FDA. As such, we cannot claim any "healing power" of our products.  



Handcrafted in San Rafael, California

Products can be found throughout California.

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