What's Your Ratio?

Cannabis is Personal.

Treating a condition or ailment with cannabis depends on the person and what the condition is. It's easy to figure out what works best by trying CBD medicine. Many organizations recommend most people start with a moderate dose (11:1-18:1), and then work towards a smaller ratio, adding in THC. Take the healing process back into your own hands and find your ratio.

Your Dream Team.

For the greatest therapeutic benefit, people choose cannabis products that include both CBD (non-intoxicating compound), and THC (the psychoactive component). CBD and THC interact to enhance each other's therapeutic effects. They work best together. They are: Your Dream Team.*

Each person's sensitivity to THC is the key factor in determining the best ratio and dosage. Many people enjoy the THC high and can consume reasonable amounts without feeling too high or dysphoric. Others find that it's not for them. 

CBD has no known adverse side effects at any dose. However, too much CBD could be less effective therapeutically than a moderate dose, so personal trial is best way to find your ratio.* 

What's best for you?


Neuropathic pain, Cancer



Anxiety, Depression

Spasms, Chronic Pain



Furry Friends

These are guidelines based on CBD research. Please consult your healers for more information.

These statements have not been reviewed or approved by the FDA.  As such, we cannot claim any "healing power" of our products.  We can, however, share testimonals from our product users.  

How to use our products


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*These statements have not been reviewed or approved by the FDA. As such, we cannot claim any "healing power" of our products.  



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