Who we are.

Born in Big Sur, CALIFORNIA



Among the redwood forests of the Big Sur Mountains, The Farmaceuticals Co. was born surrounded by the ocean mist and the lazy west coast sun. A tranquil, inspiring and sacred environment, perfect for transforming raw cannabis into our special tinctures and balms.



Raised in San Rafael, CALIFORNIA



We have since expanded and now handcraft all of our products in beautiful San Rafael, California. 


Our CBD and THC cannabis strains are grown  clean green certified. and we use only  organic non-GMO Olive  Oil and herbs.   We infuse the finest, light crisp olive-oil with cannabis using our unique whole-plant infusion process - a process that keeps all the powerful healing components of the cannabis plant intact.

We never use harsh solvents like butane or CO2

and we never, ever use extracts.

All of our products are gently housemade, just like mom - and nature - intended.



Proudly Women-Owned   and Operated

For our moms

A company started for our mothers.

It started with our moms. One night in 2014 we were up late on the phone chatting with Robin’s mom. We had just hung up the phone with Chaos’s mom and it so happened that both of our moms had undergone some medical treatment recently and were having reactions to the medicines they were prescribed. We wanted to help them heal better without the side effects of the pharmaceutical drugs they were given. Bridging our knowledge of cannabis and herbalism, we were determined to create the most pure, rich, good-for-you cannabis infusions available. Our infusions needed to be effective, and also gentle and safe. After careful testing and research, we found the formula; using whole-plant extraction, organic non-gmo ingredients, certified clean green flowers, and light, crisp olive oil, The Farmaceuticals Co. was born! We’ve grown a lot since then - you can now get a full range of CBD and THC formulas to help support everything from inflammation to sleep. And you can be sure that each drop captures the full spectrum of benefits the plant offers, helping you to Heal Better. We are proud to be your trusted cannabis infusery of choice!


From our family to yours,

Robin & chaos

Co-Founders, The Farmaceuticals Co.

The Farmaceuticals Co. is a women owned and operated healing company. Through our uniquely crafted tinctures and topical products, we provide access to lab tested, whole plant, organically grown cannabis medicine.  We prioritize sourcing each element from local, women-owned farms and businesses. It is important to us to work with, source from and be in reciprocal, vibrant community with other women.


Robin, Co-Founder

Robin & Chaos have been working in the healing health fields for over 15 years. With backgrounds in social work, neurobiology, community activism, environmental work, and cannabis, we decided instantly to combine forces when we met in 2014. The Farmaceuticals Co. was born! 

chaos, Co-Founder

*These statements have not been reviewed or approved by the FDA. As such, we cannot claim any "healing power" of our products.  



Handcrafted in San Rafael, California

Products can be found throughout California.

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