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All Natural, Concentrate Free Cannabis

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In partnership with Sonoma Hills Farm, the first CCOF organically certified farm in Calfiornia!

Contains Sun + Earth certified Full Flower, No Trim. 

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Award Winning
All Natural


Award Winning

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100% Vegan &
Crafted All-Naturally


Earth & Community Stewardship



Owned & Operated

What Makes Us Different

(And better, if we do say so ourselves)

Our Signature Infusion Process

Instead of using chemically processed cannabis concentrates or extracts, each of our products is made with our unique signature olive oil infusion process that uses only cannabis flowers, heat, pressure, and a good dash of love. This keeps all of the powerful healing components of the cannabis plant intact. The result? Strong, rich cannabis oils that are about as full spectrum as you can get.

Not From Concentrate

Those cannabis concentrates and extracts have a time and a place, but we don't think they belong in tinctures or topicals. We never use chemicals or solvents to craft our products. Think of us as the fresh squeezed OJ of the cannabis world - proudly Not From Concentrate!

Crafted 100% In-House

We admit, we're a little obsessed with controlling the quality of each and every bottle and jar of our products. So each batch of our infused oil is made 100% in-house in small batches using organically grown cannabis flowers - the very same beautiful crystally flowers you'd find in a dispensary to smoke.

Our Product Family

Vegan | Gluten Free | Soy Free | No Extracts | No Solvents | No Chemicals

Each of our products is crafted using our unique all-natural, full flower infusion process – we never use concentrates, extracts, or solvents. Our full flower method produces cannabis oils that are rich in hundreds of terpenes and natural plant compounds – giving you the powerful and all-natural relief you’re looking for.



Your CBD oil is saving my wife. We are going through a lot right now and your medicine enables us to live a comfortable life.

I.S. - Bay Area

Olive Branch and Olive Oil

Why Olive Oil?

We use organic non-gmo, locally sourced olive oil in our signature infusion process to coax out all of the naturally occurring therapeutic compounds in our sungrown cannabis flower. Olive oil does this better than any other carrier or infuser - better than coconut oil, MCT oil, and even better than alcohol. The result? We get stronger, richer, full-spectrum cannabis oils to get you that powerful and all-natural relief you're looking for. And of course on it's own olive oil is great for heart, skin, hair, and bone health! Combined with our beautiful cannabis flowers? Well, it's a match that we know you'll feel when you try it.

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